Blind Tiger Speakeasy

Mobsters, Moonshine and Mayhem!

Prohibition’s in full swing, the gin’s flowing, and the jazz is hot – but you’ve got a job to do before the cops shut down the party!

You’re a loyal speakeasy patron in 1920s Chicago, where gangsters and gin joints rule the underworld. But your top mob boss Max got pinched for murder, leaving The Blind Tiger vulnerable. The cops are closing in fast to grab the ledger that could lock Max up for good.

You’ve got one shot at this. Sneak through Max’s secret underground club, evading corrupt coppers while hunting for that crucial book. Crack codes, solve puzzles, and watch for mob double-crossers who can’t be trusted. Work fast – the clock’s running down and the jailhouse keys are calling Max’s name.

Can you destroy the evidence, free Max and beat those crooked cops? The future of Chicago’s hidden clubs hangs on this heist. So put on your dancin shoes, grab your flask and tommy gun, and show these G-men they can’t clip prohibition’s wings. The speakeasy’s countin on you – let’s do this!

75 minutes

$42 per player

4-14 players