Rest in Peace Motel

Outwit Your Twisted Captor!

You wake up disoriented in a grisly motel room. Your head is throbbing and your memories are foggy. How did you get here? The last thing you remember is walking to your car after work. As you look around the distressed room, you notice other “unregistered” guests. This is no ordinary motel – you’ve been taken captive. Your pulse quickens as you hear heavy footsteps approaching outside. You need to get out of here –  fast. But this sadistic motel owner won’t make it easy. He wants to add you to his gruesome collection. Can you escape his twisted grounds before you become the next victim? The clock is ticking…better start searching for clues and tools that can aid your desperate escape.

EXTREME CONTENT WARNING – Violence, full graphic nudity, gore, and strong language. Recommended for adults only. Minors under 16 strongly discouraged.

NOTICE – Players are put in hand restraints. Players must bend and stoop. Players must enter narrow spaces. Players are separated into four groups and work together to reunite later in the game.

Refunds are not accommodated for players unable to play on grounds of graphic content, physical requirements, or fear of enclosed space.

90 minutes

$50 per player

4-10 players

Very hard