Cold Case Murder of Dawn Renee

Solve a Chilling Cold Case…

The clock spins back to 1987 as you step into the perfectly preserved bedroom of Dawn Renee, the promising young beauty queen whose life ended abruptly and unsolved. Ominous signs of paranormal activity have locals wondering…did Dawn’s murderer return to the scene of the crime? Or is her restless spirit crying out for the justice she never received in life?

There’s only one way to find out. You and your team are being sent in to comb over every detail of this cold case, picking up where the police left off. The clock is ticking as you search desperately for fresh clues. But strange occurrences keep you looking over your shoulder. Can you bring Dawn the peace she deserves? The door to escape lies within her story – can you unravel it and make it out alive? Dawn is counting on you! Work together to solve this decades-old cold case murder before the past permanently traps you here!

60 minutes

$35 per player

2-8 players