60 minutes

$35 per player

2-7 players



Stop the Nuclear Annihilation!

Can you save the Outer Banks from nuclear doom?

The mad professor’s got you trapped inside his lab! Professor Manifestus has initiated the Meltdown protocol on his reactor – but his rogue AI has turned, now desperate to thwart its maker’s twisted plan to reshape the surface of the earth through catastrophic meltdowns.

Together, you have to disable the reactor before nuclear devastation sweeps the East Coast. Race against the clock through Manifestus’ maze of madness, deciphering clues and using your wits to shut down the reactor before catastrophe strikes.

Stay sharp as the clock winds down. Lives are on the line – the professor must NOT win! It’s all hands on deck to deactivate his deadly device. Put your minds together and be the heroes we need! Outsmart Manifestus and his radioactive nightmare! The Outer Banks are counting on you!

NOTICE: This game has flashing strobe lights and strong magnetic game props.